Christopher Gabbrants is 22 year old student at Heartland Community College pursuing an Associates degree of Art. He is a life long artist and aspiring working professional. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by comic books, graphic novels and film adaptations of the printed versions, both from American and Japanese lineage of manga and Anime.

After graduation from high school, and in attempts to figure out what it is exactly he was going to do with his life, he went through many different jobs and vocational training like nursing, information technology, and culinary, but always restless with them and in his free time investing heavily into art, studying it and practicing it.

There came a point that where he realized that if he took it seriously enough, he could have this as his job and make a career out of it. Ever since then, that’s been a focal point in life and would color all his decisions. Going through the educational system for the third, and hopefully last time, he’s pursuing art in order to make a life-long hobby, a life-long profession.